Visa Processing

Travel and Work Visa Requirements
If you are interested in visiting or working in Hong Kong, Macao or mainland China there are a number of different rules and regulations governing your entry and stay. It is generally advised to contract a licensed travel agent or your local employer to handle the process. Depending on where you are going and what nationality your passport is, the process can vary greatly.

For many nationalities there is no visa requirement when visiting Macao for short-term travel purposes. However, there may be some visa restrictions if you are conducting business there or wish to stay longer than 30 days. Please refer to their website for more information about visa restrictions for your country.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong allows nationals from about 170 different countries and territories to visit for travel purposes for a period ranging up to 180 days without a visa requirement. If you intend to work in Hong Kong or otherwise have need of a residency permit, then there are different procedures depending on your nationality. Please use the Hong Kong government’s website covering this topic to find out what visa or permit you may require and how to obtain it.

Unlike Hong Kong and Macao, China requires entry visas for most nationalities, even if only making short trips. To apply for a travel or work visa, you, or a licensed travel agent, must personally submit all necessary documents and your passport to the nearest Chinese consulate. The regulations vary between countries, and to be sure of the rules governing your nationality please refer to the website of the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country. There are several different visa types that you may apply for. Here is a partial list:

Regular Visas consist of eight sub-categories, which are respectively marked with Chinese phonetic letters C, D, F, G, J-1, J-2, L, X and Z.

C Visa: Issued to crewmembers to perform duties on board an international train, airliner or other vessel, and their accompanying family members.

D Visa: Issued to an alien who comes to reside permanently in China.

F Visa: Issued to an alien who is invited to China for a visit, an investigation, a lecture, to do business, scientific-technological and culture exchanges, short-term advanced studies or internship for a period of no more than six months.

G Visa: Issued to an alien who transits through China.

J-1 Visa: Issued to foreign resident correspondents in China.

J-2 Visa: Issued to foreign journalists who make short trips to China on reporting tasks.

L Visa: Issued to an alien who comes to China for sightseeing, family visiting or other private purposes.

X Visa : Issued to an alien who comes to China for study, advanced studies or internship for a period of more than six months.

Z Visa: Issued to an alien who comes to China for a post or employment, and his or her accompanying family members.

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