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Nanjing University of Finance & Economics

Eastern China|Jiangsu


Nanjing University of Finance & Economics is located in the modern and historical city of Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. Over the last decade, the city of Nanjing has been undergoing a tremendous boom in development and industry. The city is home to over 6 million people and is growing rapidly.

Nanjing University of Finance & Economics hires native English-speaking educators from a variety of countries including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia.

While a few of these foreign experts teach specialized business management or economics courses, the majority teach English language courses. Most of the said English language courses are related to listening and speaking, although some suitably qualified candidates may be afforded the opportunity to teach writing, culture or literature courses to English-major students.

Our university has three separate campuses, and currently our foreign educators live in two of those campuses. The first is the Fujian Road campus, which is in the center of Nanjing. From this campus it is easy for teachers to travel around the city by taxi or public transport. Nanjing has a widespread, efficient and low cost public transportation system. Also, taxis are abundantly available in all parts of the city. The second campus is in XianLin, which is approximately 30 kilometers from the city- center. No matter which campus you call home, the XianLin campus is where the majority of the teaching takes place. The XianLin campus has only recently been built, so its new facilities provide a modern environment for living and teaching.
Regular university shuttle buses provide free transport between the two campuses for all university employees. The buses are new and comfortable and provide a relaxing commute to and from the city for the approximately 30-minute ride, each way.
Most courses are held at the XianLin campus. Most classes will have about 40-50 students unless you are teaching English-major students, which contain approximately 30-35. A typical working week for the teacher consists of 14 teaching hours. Under normal circumstances a teacher will have one group of students for one 45-minute lesson each week. The school term is 18 or 19 weeks including finals week.
At both the Fujian Road and XianLin campuses, all teachers are provided with a fully-furnished, on-campus apartment with free electricity and non-potable water. In each apartment, the following furnishes are provided: television; washing machine for clothing; desk; bed; closet space; two sofa chairs; dining table with chairs; refrigerator; telephone; shower; hot water heater; and Western-style toilet. In XianLin apartments only, additional furnishings include: desktop computer (with broadband internet); microwave; rice-cooker; and DVD player. Most household items are much cheaper in China than in Western countries, so it is easy and affordable to provide these apartments with the comforts of home. All apartments have a kitchen with the necessary cooking facilities and utensils for those who like to prepare their own food. Alternatively, both campuses have more than one dining hall providing food at a very low cost. In XianLin, teachers and faculty members have a separate dining hall, which provides lunch during the work week.
Both campuses have a university clinic with Chinese doctors available. The teaching contract stipulates a fixed allowance the university will pay for medical fees (up to 500 Yuan per semester). The teacher pays for any extra medical fees if the university allowance is exhausted. In downtown Nanjing there are many hospitals and clinics with Chinese traditional medicine. The Hilton Hotel in the city center has a clinic with Western doctors providing Western-style medicine.

The monthly salary  is 3000-6000 Yuan.  At the end of the semester you will get 5000 Yuan for your airfare, plus 1100 Yuan as a domestic travel allowance. Currently we offer one- semester and two-semester contracts. Either one will provide the same monetary benefits in regards to airfare/travel allowance.

Our current foreign teachers would be happy to help you answer any additional questions you may have about the university or life in Nanjing. Please contact Emy Bao in the foreign affairs office and she may put you in touch with a foreign teacher if you wish.