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Foshan Lingdong Foreign Language Training school

Southern & Central|Guangdong


Foshan Lingdong (meaning Flexibility) ForeignLanguageTraining school is a private language training Institution, located in the center of Foshan, one of the major cities in GuangdongProvince.

Lingdong (LD) was founded in 2001 by Houshen Qin, the President of Lingdong and Helen Huang, the Director of Lingdong. Classes started in 2002 in Foshan, aiming at providing high quality language training services. Since by then, Lingdong has quickly built a formidable reputation by concentrating on the high quality of education offered on its premises.

In 2004, and China International Radio Station ranked the Foshan LD School and four other schools “The Top Five Approved Language Training Schools for Youth in the Nation” for its advanced language program. The Department of Guangdong Civil Affairs awarded Lingdong Outstanding Private Education Institution for their quality and professional English training five times (in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,2006). In 2005, Lingdong Nanhai Campus was established in HaijingGarden, Nanhai. In 2007, Lingdong Shunde Campus was established in JiaxinCityPlaza, DaliangTown.

Lingdong is the first and only training school to combine a functional interactive teaching method with individual interviewed assessment, small classes, qualified foreign teachers, accomplished teaching assistants, classes segregated by English proficiency level and courses for all ages over three in Foshan.

Lingdong is also devoted to charity, such as: offering free English Corner and English Club for the community, donating to Guangxi mountain area schools, etc. Many times the press (Foshan Daily, Zhujiang Times, Nanfang Daily) has stated “Lingdong is famous throughout the nation as a ‘creative educational institution growing in Foshan’”.

Equipped with a credible and experienced faculty that is committed to excellent English teaching, Lingdong has formulated an effective and efficient education and management system, making a contribution to a more competitive industry and internationally directed education in Foshan. Throughout the six years of its operation, Lingdong has provided outstanding English training service to a number of famous companies and organizations, including Foshan Hotel, Foshan TV, China Construction Bank (Foshan Branch), Media Refrigeration Company, Osram , Tetra Pak, Premier, Eagle Brand Ceramics, Roca and Caterpillar companies.

Due to the effectiveness of the LD teaching approach and education environment , student enrollment at LD school continues to expand. With a fast growing number of students (approximately