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Winnerway foreign language school

Southern & Central|Guangdong


With more than 2,500 teachers and students at present, WinnerwayForeignLanguageSchool in Guangdong was founded in 2002. It is the first foreign language school in Dongguan. Since the day it was built, our school has adhered to our goal: Go Along With The World Trends. We have always taken the flag of life-education to the next level. We have very unique educational characteristics.  

The splendid activities, the high quality service, and the excellent facilities provide high-quality education service for our society. We are dedicated to the development of the modern education of Dongguan. We have set up the foundation for foreign language education and unique educational characteristics in Dongguan. 


School -- Dongguan city Guangdong - Kindergarten Grade 1 – 9

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Winnerway Foreign Language Schools is seeking people to join our team of Foreign Teachers

Location of School: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.
Type of School: Private
Student Age: Kindergarten Grade 1 – 9
Average Class Size: 20kids 40 students
The basic details of the salary and benefits are outlined below:
- 5000 – 8000RMB per month basic salary (depending on qualifications and experience).
Monthly allowances for the following:
- 300 RMB food allowance OR free meals in the school cafeteria (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
- 200 RMB electricity allowance.
- 50 RMB telephone allowance.
Yearly Allowances and Bonus:
- 2000 RMB travel allowance.
- 8000 RMB airfare allowance.
- For the satisfactory completion of a one year contract, teachers receive a yearly bonus of one month’s salary.
Other Benefits:
- Visa expenses paid for by the school.
- Opportunities for overtime available.
- Gas and water paid for by the school.
- Accommodation provided for teachers in a private, furnished apartment.
- DVD player and TV provided in apartments.
- Computer provided in apartment.
- Cable internet access (high speed) in your apartment paid for by the school.
- Free medical treatment for minor ailments at our school clinic.
- 2 x Chinese lessons provided per week.
- There are 30 days holiday in winter and summer (these are unpaid), three days in May and October (these holidays are paid).
- Teachers are invited on excursions with our students – past trips include mountain climbing, dinners at restaurants, shopping excursions, water parks, museums and aquariums

Teacher responsibilities:
- 22 classes per week.
- Prepare and collate lessons in our online lesson planning database.
- Evaluate and test students according to school guidelines.
- Involvement in school activities and functions.
- Follow school rules as applicable to teachers.
Native Speakers with Bachelor’s Degree + TESOL Certificate+ at least 2 years teaching experience