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Huaihua Medical College

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Brief Introduction to HMC

Huaihua Medical College (HMC), founded in 1924, is a full-time and state-owned medical institution of higher learning. It is located in the urban areas of Huaihua city in the west of Hunan province, central China, which enjoys great traffic and transportation convenience with railways ramified over the country. The college has an area of 512 mu (227,766 square meters) and over 34 million RMB worth of advanced teaching and research equipment. The college library has a collection of 360,000 volumes.
Currently the college has a total full-time staff of 421, more than 40 of whom are professors and more than 125 of whom are associate professors, including 143 doctoral or master degree holders. The total number of full-time students at HMC has reached more than 8400. Besides, HMC has 10 teaching hospitals, 85 practicing hospitals and three affiliated hospitals, one of which is a grade-three hospital of class A, the other two of which are grade-two hospital of class A, holding a total beds of over 1,200.
HMC consists of 7 departments, namely Dept. of Clinical Medicine, Dept. of Nursing, Dept. of Pharmacy, Dept. of Medical Laboratory, Dept. of Preclinical Medicine, Dept. of General Courses and Dept. of Adult Education, including 9 teaching and research organs, namely the Human Morphology Experimental Center, Human Function Experimental Center, Pharmacy Experimental Center, Medical Laboratory Center, Acupuncture-massage-skill Training Center, Nursing-skill Training Center, Cell-Molecular-Biology Research Office, Huaihua Modernization Research Center of Chinese Herbs and an Exam Base for Clinical-Skill-Testing of Medical Practitioners etc.
In addition, the college is striving to build a professional training system, emphasizing on high-level education ready for the new century. Varieties of programs were offered to meet the different needs of the students. For instance, there are the 3-year-non-degree program, the corresponding course program, the professional training program and the short-term acupuncture-massage training program for international students, which include such specialties (orientations) as clinical medicine, mother-child health care, nursing, maternity nursing, clinical testing technology, pharmacy, acupuncture-moxibustion & tuina, clinical radiology, sanitary testing and quarantine technology, pharmaceutical marketing etc.
The campus of HMC is well laid-out, surrounded with naturally beautiful scenery. The college preserves a high reputation of fine school spirit. The goal of HMC is to train comprehensive, practical and creative medical personnel by updating students # ability of adjustment to the competitive society, awakening their awareness of serving the society and offering good opportunities for students # success in life.