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Sichuan Modern Vocational College

Southwestern China|Sichuan


General view : Sichuan Modern Vocational College is a College supported by Sichuan Normal University and invested by Sichuan Normal University Airport Campus. It is located in Shuangliu,near ChengDu metropolis of southwest China, Sichuan Province. Our college has more than 6000 students in 2006-2007. All the staff of the Foreign Affair Office looking forward to meeting you!


1) Departments: Based on the applied specialties, mainly are Arts, Law, Technology, Economics and Management, all of them are connecting well and developing coherently.

2) Arrangement: Mainly based on the associate degree, and actively develops the BA/BS education.

Direction of Teaching: Training of talented students as the basis and educationing as the center, and construct the educational, comprehensive teaching system.


3) The Direction of Service: students as center, face the west China, serve economy of Sichuan Province.

4) The Aim of Training: Cultivate high-quality and practical students to meet the need the development of economy, construction and society with all-round development in morality, intelligence, physical education and aesthetic creative ability and useful skills.

Viewpoints of Value

1) Train the students to be useful to the society as our goal.


2) Take the spirits of “dedicate one 's heart and take nothing away” as our soul.

3) Be responsible for students, for society and for future” as our maxim.

Having a heart of love, of responsibility, of youth” as the foundation qualities our teacher.

The following is the AD of employment.

Job Hunting Information


General view: Sichuan Normal University (SCNU) Airport Campus now becomes a new college of the creative system supported. Our school is pursuing the West Development project. With fresh air and singing of birds, you can travel around the world and teach in Shuangliu from time to time. So enjoy your English!


Job as you wish: English teacher for college students, about 16 classes per week.

Requirements: From English speaking country, at least BA degree.

Condition: Apartment offered, good salary, only the school months are paid.

Contact us if you are interested!