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Why is the population of China so large?

    Can this be easily answered? I will offer my theories after I hear a few from our community...

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Aileen li


OK I am going to have ago at this although I am sure there are many reasons and I will not get them all.

1. The country is geographically huge so part of the answer has to be that if your country covers such a large area you will have a correspondingly large population. Sorry if that is a bit too simplistic.

2. A large part of the country is agricultural with a large poorly educated population.  It does not surprise me in that situation that some people do not fully

2012/8/2 9:39:16

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Other countries were decimated by various plagues hundreds of years ago.


China was fortunate to never have something like Spanish Flu tear through it.


Chinas first major interruption to its growth rate came just a generation ago with the Cultural Revolution & Great Leap Forward but by then the population was at a billion.


They killed more peopl

2012/8/2 9:43:04

Aileen li



'Cause it's so damn big. The population here isn't that different from that of India's, is it? That's about the same size. It's been inhabited longer than your other big countries like the USA and Australia, and in Russia they're just too damn cold to pull it out, it'd shrivle like a button mushroom. And your South American countries are all people who strolled across the ice from Asia in the first place apparently. As for your African co

2012/8/2 9:38:55

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