Visit Historic Sites

Six Harmonies Pagoda

On a hill overlooking the Qiantang River, the eight-sided, seven-story 59m high pagoda is an useful as it is impressive.It was built in an attempt to harness divine Buddhist powers in order to prevent the destructive annual flooding of the Qiangtang River.

Meijiawu Tea Plantation

Hangzhou Meijiawu Tea Village is nestled in the hinterland of West Lake District, and it is renowned as one of the most important tea production bases in Hangzhou, which once entertained leaders of the Soviet Union, the United States, Vietnam, Romania, Cambodia and  other countries and regions.


Lingyin Temple

At the teminus of Linyin Lu, 15-20 min. West Lake. Take bus No.7 from Pinghai Lu .Open Daily 7 am -5 pm.





Yuefei Temple






The temple was constructed in 1221 to memorialize Yue and his son, also executed. Subsequent dynasties all  contributed to the compound, and Qing merchants even brought in a giant bronze bell cast in Japan.