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The China Media Internship (CMI) is directly tailored for people looking to break into the media industry which is notoriously difficult to gain opportunities in. Those with a background or keen interest in media are encouraged to enquire about this newly developed program. You will have completed at least one year’s university/college study and are a native English speaker.


These internships are popular among university students, school leavers and young professionals wishing to consolidate their studies, better understand their industry, move into a new field and/or enhance their career prospects to prepare themselves for the real world.


This professional internship training is between 3 to 12 months, organized from the most popular organisations and cities; Beijing and Shanghai, China.Each internship is unique, meaning the applicants are able to choose their start date, duration and the exact experience they wish to gain from the placement.


Internships are available at international print, radio, tv and online companies.Opportunities include positions such as anchors, journalists, disc jockeys, editors, programmers and web designers.


CIP will then search through its multitude of host companies willing to take onboard new talent to find the company to meet these requirements. This program gives interns a chance to gain invaluable practical experience whilst learning and using Mandarin in a Chinese work environment.