Kenya People

 Who Are The Kenya People?

It happened to me more than once that a stranger who I asked the way, would walk me all the way to my destination. Foreigners are interesting to them and white people ("mzungus" in Swahili) often draw some sort of (friendly) attention. More about this on my page about Kenyan culture.

The Kenya Tribes There are between 40 and 70 tribes in Kenya, depending on how you count. Tribes are mainly based on language. They can be divided into 3 main groups: the Bantus who came from Nigeria and Cameroon after 400 AD, the Cushitic tribes who came from northern Africa around 2000 BC, and the Nilotic tribes who came from Sudan and Egypt around 400 AD.Most Kenyans have adopted a semi-Western life style, although some tribes – especially the Maasai, Turkana and Samburu - have kept their traditional life styles and appearances. The proud Maasai warriors are the most famous among them.

They have become a symbol of Kenya and indeed tribal Africa as a whole. See our special pages about tribes in Kenya and Kenya history. Famous people from Kenya Some famous people from Kenya – in the positive or negative sense – are Paul Tergat, the current world record holder in the marathon, former strongman for 24 years Daniel arap Moi, palaeontologist and politician Richard Leakey, prize winning author Ngugi wa Thiong and environmental and womens rights activist prof. Wangari Maathai, who was the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. And the most famous of them, meanwhile, is of course US Presidential candidate Barack Obama. That is to say, his father was a full-fledged Kenyan from the Luo tribe. Obama himself never lived in Kenya, though he made a much-publicized trip to Kenya in 2006.Also have a look at these quotes from famous Kenyans and other people talking about Kenya.

Non-african groups Non-Africans (Arabs, Asians, and Europeans) only form about 1% of the population. Along the coast live Arabs, who have been trading with Eastern Africa across the Indian Ocean since the 9th century. The world famous Swahili culture resulted from this mix of Arab and African influences. There are still some 30,000 British and other Europeans , and in the 20th century also Indians and other Asians came in to work. Although there number is small, they are economically important

The national psyche

The Kenya people are very diverse and include most linguistic and ethnic groups in Africa. About 98% of them are Africans. Because of the tribes, national identity is rather weak, although most governments have tried to create a "Kenyan identity".

Kenyans on the whole are friendly and relaxed people, who enjoy everyday life. They are never too busy to make time for you, and little crowds gather in no time if something extraordinary is happening.

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